Vena Lumen


“Vena Lumen” stands for pulse light, it combines two heartbeats and presents itself to the audience in form of floating light that illustrates the beauty of two lives colliding and joining together to become one with each other. The purpose of “Vena Lumen” is creating an installation that people can feel, touch and interact with it. Using heartbeat as an ambiguous way of interacting we aspire to awaken an awareness of life itself and let the audience appreciate the constant pulse that is so vital to our life. With this as inspiration “Vena Lumen” took shape as a bench where two people can take a break, sit and enjoy what flows from themselves and give their heart some much deserved credit.

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ACE as partner of Vena Lumen

A multicultural and multidisciplinary team of Fontys engineering Eindhoven students work on the project. The team is supported by ACE in several ways. ACE helped them with its expertise in product development. Several workshops were organized to make sure they work on the right requirements in order to reach their goal. ACE also gave technical advice about how to go to the production phase.

Image Designers
Image Designers

Demonstrator as proof of concept

The main goal is to present project Vena Lumen as a bench during GLOW 2018 in November. Since the team works with technology they didn’t work with before and also chosen for a design which requires a special way of assembling ACE advised them first to start making a demonstrator as proof of concept. This 1 meter long demonstrator will be showed for the first time at the Innovation Pavilion of the Volvo Ocean Race in Scheveningen on June 30. With the experience they gained on making the demonstrator they will continue their work on the bench for GLOW.

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GLOW Eindhoven 2018

GLOW is a light festival which is being held every November in Eindhoven and approximately 30 light-artist are contributing. The art pieces are presented along a walking route through Eindhoven. The festival has gained a lot of popularity and grew from 45.000 visitors in its first edition in 2006 to a personal record of over 740.000 visitors in its last edition 2017. With the numbers of visitors of the last edition, GLOW earned a spot in the top 5 most visited light-festivals worldwide. GLOW's ambition lies in innovative and unique projects and GLOW is focused on renewal and skill development.

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