ACE Meet & Greet- a wunderfull day at the North Sea

  • July 3, 2018
  • Hans Martens

On Saturday, June 30th, ACE held it's Volvo Ocean Race event for customers and employees. The day started with a nice introduction to the Volvo Ocean Race by on-shore crew member Ernst-Jan van Housselt, who talked about his experiences in the Volvo Ocean Race.

The presentation in this event can be seen below:
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After coffee and apple pie everybody went to see the ultimate in-port race for which there was a third place in the overall standings at stake.

Team Brunel win final In Port Race

On Saturday afternoon Team Brunel took the win in the Brunel In Port Race. Hometown hero Bouwe Bekking and his Team Brunel had a perfect start and led the race from start till finish. With the win Team Brunel takes the overall third position in the In Port Race series.

With Peter Burling at the helm, Team Brunel had an excellent start. The Dutch boat immediately took the lead. At the first gate Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag came alongside, but they did not get past the Dutch boat. Team Brunel quickly gained a lead. The lead on pursuers Dongfeng Race Team and Team AkzoNobel was quickly one minute.

Bekking proud of his team and Dutch audience

Bouwe Bekking: “With Peter Burling on the helm we had an excellent start. This allowed us to immediately take the lead. I’m proud that we have been able to show this for so many supporters. I want to thank everyone who came to The Hague in the past few days! The support that we, and all other teams, got here was really the icing on the cake. "

The win, combined with a third place finish by team AkzoNobel, means that the two Dutch skippers finished tied for third in the In-Port Race Series, with Team Brunel taking the tie-break for the final podium spot by virtue of a better finishing position in the final race.

Bouwe Bekking: "This is, of course, a dream scenario, so winning here, but what I think might be the best is that the Dutch public has won. It was nice to be able to excel for all those people today. The public has really shown its best side, and we can be proud of that, and I think it's great that there was so much support for teams like the Dongfeng Race Team, MAPFRE and Team AkzoNobel. "

Result Brunel In-Port Race The Hague
1. Team Brunel
2. Dongfeng Race Team
3. team AkzoNobel
4. Turn the Tide on Plastic
6. Vestas 11th Hour Racing
7. Sun Hung Kai/Scallywag

Overall standings Volvo Ocean Race In-Port Race

  1. MAPFRE - 64 points

  2. Dongfeng Race Team - 56 points

  3. Team Brunel - 50 points

  4. team AkzoNobel - 50 points

  5. Vestas 11th Hour Racing - 35 points

  6. Turn the Tide on Plastic - 25 points

  7. Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag - 25 points

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