opdrachtgever:Janssen PMP
business unit:Productontwikkeling
markt:agrifood industry
doelgroep:professional product development

Development, design and prototyping of Fysium, a machine for conservation of apples developed for Janssen PMP.

FYSIUM™ is a portable translation of a complex laboratory arrangement. The smooth and robust appearance of the product conveys trust to the user in a furthermore invisible product. Different functional prototypes and extensive tests resulted in an extraordinary simplified and efficient system.

The product in fact operates as a miniature factory for the production of a predetermined (minimum) quantity of (conserving)gas, on site. The maximum volume that can be treated is 2070m³ per treatment, which equals about 500 tons of apples.

Customer: Janssen PMP | Design: ACE Product Development | Realisation: ACE Product Development | target market: professional market | Introduction: 2013