Tim Veltman - New account manager high-tech systems

  • Jan. 14, 2019
  • Tim Veltman

My name is Tim Veltman and last week I started as account manager high-tech systems at ACE Eindhoven.

Due to my part-time technical job at a CNC milling company and previous employment at a technical employment agency, I am confident to expand the market share of ACE within the high-tech industry.

The core competence of high-tech systems within ACE is (re-)designing of advanced systems, such as mechanical design, mechatronic design of complex systems, (sub-)modules, parts and related tooling. For this reason, I would like to get in contact with technical persons who have the ambition to work in the domain of mechanical development for our sustainable partners.

The multidisciplinary character turns our business unit High-Tech Systems into a mature engineering partner. This business unit provides its services to customers linked to high-tech industries such as OEM, system suppliers and knowledge and research institutions.
At this moment I would like to refer you to the project of ACE which also give an inside of our clients/partners within the high-tech industry. Some of our references you will find on our website.


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