DoedisZot - ACE'er goes viral!

  • Jan. 11, 2019

DoediesZot is the digital child of our colleague Tom Janssens and Jacotte Brokken. Together they have two YouTube channel, where they vlog about Science, Travelling, comedy and give general updates.


Tom is 27 years and has a big passion for music and sports. After an ingenious workday as Mechanical Designer at ACE Gent, you can find him at home writing his own music. On DoediesTom he gives you a behind the scenes look of how a song comes to life.

The beauty and face of the channel is Jacotte. 26 years young, loves to travel and passionate about science. All her creativity is channel through the blogs and vlogs she writes and creates. But on a daily base she is a teacher and chemical engineer.


Since the start of the YouTube channel they launched over 50 video's, written 85 songs and countless online articles.
The interesting content comes from different scientific events and organisations who Tom and Jacotte visit in Flanders.
For example:

Their wanderlust brings them all over the world. If you are looking for some inspiration for you next travels, you can indulge on their travel vlogs.

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Their brand new website will give you some more info about their channel.


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