ACE Lummen expands

  • Sept. 4, 2015
  • Hans Martens

One and a half years ago ACE Lummen moved into a new building with assembly hall. Meanwhile the turnkey business grew so fast, it had to move again to a bigger facility.

Eighteen months ago ACE, for the first time in its history, took the step to set up its own assembly. Until then, all turnkey projects in mechanical engineering were performed at the location of a machine building company. During this periode final assembly, machine control and testing allready took place under own management.

In October 2013 when moving, the possibility occurred to rent an assembly hall of 300m2 at the same site. And now one and a half years later, already 19 special machines were developed and built. Although at some point, seven parallel machines were assembled and tested in the workshop, it ultimately proved too small to cope with the increased number of turnkey projects.

In particular, the acquisition of a project for a very large system (8 by 30 m.) made us decide to search fo a new hall. In the old situation other projects could no longer be built simultaneously.

photo 1. the beginning of the assembly of a part of the large systems

In consultation with the landlord the possibility occured to move to a bigger hall on the same site.

photo 2. the office of ACE Lummen

Below an impression of the new hall:

photo 3. front view of the new assembly hall

photo 4. the assembly hall

photo 5. the move in full pace

With this move a significant expansion from 300m2 to 660m2 is realized. The new hall also has proper sanitation, a spacious kitchen, lockable storage room and two meeting rooms. Also the skylights and the accessibility through two major ports are of great value. Next months the new hall will be equipped with additional cabinets for storage, standard inventory and tools.

photo 6. meanwhile, there are already two projects under construction in the new hall

And the real large installation will follow soon ....


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