The 'van Gogh' vase wins Bluedot design award 2019.

  • March 25, 2019
  • Frank Steeghs

Thursday the 14th of March, the jury had the honor to choose a winner from the many beautiful entries of the Bluedot design award 2019. The winner of this competition is Mendel de Kok with her ‘van Gogh vase.’ Damiaen Hogervorst had won the audience prize with his Omnidirectional concrete speakers.

Bluedot & jury

Every year Bluedot organises a designing competition for and through students of the TU Delft. This year’s topic was: What’s your story? The students’ entries are handled by a professional jury from the business world with judged from the following companies: ACE engineering & consultancy, Van Berlo, Farique and Topdesk.
The award ceremony was during de IDE Business Fair 2019 where we were present with employees of ACE to present ourselves (check out our Facebook).

Thijs van Schijndel was one of the judges, he also graduated from TU Delft a couple years ago and is now working for ACE as a project leader for the department product development. He had to honors to speak on behalf of the jury.

Top 3 Bluedot design award 2019

De top 3 has eventually became:
1. Vase van Gogh by Mendel de Kok
2. Universe Pendulum by Arnoud Meines
3. Mozaik by Nadiye Cakir

Audience prize

Damiaen Hogervorst has won the audience prize with his Omnidirectional concrete speakers.

Why is ACE supporting the Bluedot design contest?

ACE (engineers & consultancy) has become partner of this design contest because the Bluedot design award motivates students to share their resourcefulness and creativity. ACE is motivating this throughout their foundation: Be ingenious. ACE is supporting the Bluedot design award from the businessunit product development.

Meet the jury: Thijs van Schijndel - ACE product development


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